About Us

Vision and Goals

  • Live and value our Catholic faith among cultures
  • Improve awareness of personal values and beliefs
  • Build better and more solid interpersonal relationships
  • Build stronger service and tolerance attitudes
  • Change negative attitudes and perform positive actions
  • Learn problem-solving skills and make the right decisions
  • Be more receptive and open to other ideas and cultures
  • Become the best version of themselves
  • Grow in their faith
  • Share Catholic values
  • Increase social and communication skills
  • Learn a different language and culture
  • Be aware of other people’s needs
  • Appreciate what they have
  • Travel and enjoy other friends and their countries
  • Empower their future


The activities in which students can participate are

** Host a Latin American student in their homes for 8 weeks

** Travel to do mission work for 10 days in Cahabón, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

Students and families with different cultural backgrounds, throughout the world, have enjoyed it very much.