Mission trip

Families and students from USA are also welcomed in Guatemala by Catholic families who will share time in different academic, religious and touristic activities or attend a mission.

Guatemala, the beautiful country with the spring weather, year round, has much to offer to its visitors. There is also much to do to help people in this developing nation. People are very thankful, friendly and appreciative.

Their Catholic faith is strongly rooted. A mission trip to this country can change your views and feelings about other cultures. It becomes a lifetime opportunity to reach out and change the course of someone´s life, including your children’.

It changes many perspectives. Traveling and meeting new people helps extend friendship bonds and helps you realize there are so many things that are taken for granted. In essence, we are all ONE under One God. Everyone is created equally. Language is not a barrier anymore.

Students can travel with their families, or by themselves by joining the missionary group.

  • Live an unforgettable experience away from home
  • Give the best from within
  • Perform work and participate in all activities enthusiastically
  • Introduce others to each own’s culture
  • Make new friends
  • Represent each family, school, faith and country properly at all times
  • Participate enthusiastically in all academic, social, cultural, religious, and sports activities in schools and community
  • Be between the ages of 12 and 17 years old
  • Be responsible and mature
  • Attend mandatory and preparatory meetings
  • Live and value our Catholic faith among cultures
  • Improve awareness of personal values and beliefs
  • Build better and more solid interpersonal relationships
  • Build stronger service and tolerance attitudes
  • Change negative attitudes and perform positive actions
  • Learn to solve problems and make the right decisions
  • Be more accepting and open to other ideas and cultures
  • Improve communication skills


"Encontrándome con Cristo" Mission Trip

During the last week of June, parishioners, students, professionals and anyone willing to help in rural communities in Cahabón, Guatemala, are welcome to join Rev. Father Robert Cruz, from Pontifical Missions in Louisiana. Teams of teenagers, translators, adults and Asopuente members help and install rain water systems and tanks, solar panels and ecological stoves for families that live in areas that don´t have such facilities.

PLAN AHEAD. Guatemala has the best spring weather all year-round with very friendly people who will take care of you. It also has a very rich traditional culture and many historic and beautiful places to visit. It takes around 4 hours to travel from the US to Guatemala, by plane.

You need a positive attitude and an open mind, a valid US passport, a good camera for taking beautiful pictures, a spirit of adventure and much energy.

Bonding will help you in:

  • Planning your trip or mission, with accommodation, food, transportation Activities etc…
  • Help you Improve comprehension, reading and writing skills in Spanish and English
  • To live and share happily within a family with strong moral and religious values
  • Getting to know the customs of the community, school and culture where they live
  • Participate in academic, artistic, religious, sport and social activities of school and community
  • Share the values of the culture

For mission program please contact us at info@catholicbonding.org


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