Experienced professionals and teachers who have participated as

* Exchange students

* Host families

* Missionaries

are part of the Bonding Staff

Mariella de Obiols CEO/founder and director

Mariella Mansilla GUA coordinator

Jennifer Giambrone USA coordinator

Nicole Fangue and Daniela Castellanos USA assistant coordinators

Jennifer Nash Wisconsin coordinator

Beth Verkuilen Associate

Father Rober-Joel Cruz Advisor

General Director

Mariella de Obiols

Born in Guatemala.

Diploma as bilingual education elementary school teacher from Colegio Monte María.

Graphic Designer Degree from Universidad Rafael Landívar, Guatemala Adviser for the organization of the Graphic Design career of IFES (now Universidad del Istmo).

Professor of Design, packaging and containers, and color theory at college level Working experience as an English teacher in Monte María and Campoalegre Schools.

Catechist for more than 15 years.

Since 1999, she has participated in courses on family counseling and improvement of children’s education.

Works with Catholic institutions for mission, aid and scholarships for low-income students.

Has participated as an exchange student in Tennessee and Wisconsin, United States, for 2 years.

***She coordinated the program’s direction of Catholic Student Exchange organization since its beginning in 1999 until its closing in the year 2017.

*Coordinator in Guatemala for mission Encontrándome con Cristo since 2006.

*Manager and coordinator of Educational Scholarships Programs (ESP) for students in Cahabón, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala since 2016.

Her passion: her faith, families, youths and art.

Married, mother of 4 children and grandmother.


Coordination in Guatemala

Mariella de Mansilla

Pre-school Education Teacher, graduated from Colegio Monte María Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Psychology from Universidad Rafael Landívar, Guatemala

Master’s Degree in Educational and Family Counseling from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

Working experience as a teacher from 2002 through 2008

Working experience with exchange programs from 2010 up to date

Participated as an exchange student in Toronto, Canada and Louisiana, United States, for 3 years

Her passion: children

Married, mother of 4 children

Coordination in the United States


Jennifer was born and raised in South Louisiana, where she still resides with her husband, John Giambrone. She has two adult sons, a daughter in law and three wonderful grandchildren.

Jennifer has a Master’s Degree in Education, served in the public school system for 24 years and is now the Director of Religious Education at St. Philomena Catholic Church, in Labadieville, Louisiana.

She leads and participates in Christian formation workshops and studies. She is a member of the PAX Christi Healing Ministry, and has been a Missionary with Guatemala Mission, Encontrandome con Cristo, since 2014.

Jennifer enjoys traveling, especially pilgrimages to holy sites. she feels called to reach out and serve the poor and to share the Good News with all. She is always looking for adventure and can often be found kayaking, cycling, camping or hiking. Jennifer has seen God’s hand at work and has experienced tremendous graces in her life and that of her family. So it is no surprise that, serving God, and spending time with her family are at the top of her favorite things to do list.



    BISHOP Most Rev. Shelton J. Fabre

    Presbyter Robert Joel Cruz

    Certified Spiritual Leader

    Director of Pontifical Missions

    Coordinator and representative of AIE (International Association of Exorcists for its name in English) for the English speaking countries in the Vatican.

    Director de Misiones Pontificias del Vaticano y de la Misión Encontrándome con Cristo para Guatemala.

    Member and director of the International Association of Exorcists in the Vatican.

    Priest and Parish in the Houma-Thibodaux Diocese, Louisiana, United States.

    Director of the mission group ENCONTRÁNDOME CON CRISTO, which helps Guatemala annually.

    Mrs. Beth Verkuilen

    Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Specialist in teenagers She supports and advises students in Wisconsin, United States.

    Married, mother of 3 children.