Hosting a Latin American student

Students from Latin America (aged 10 to 15 years) have the opportunity to live with a family and attend a Catholic private school for two months. The exchange and host students will be matched by age, gender and interests.

For 2 months, (mid October through mid December), host families will provide accommodation, food and the opportunity to attend school as their own children. The exchange student will be a part of their family, doing all regular activities at home and attending school. . All expenses, including air fare, ground transportation, full medical insurance, and spending money, are paid by each exchange student.


Benefits of Being a Host Family

  • Improve your children’s social and communication skills in your home environment
  • Give your son or daughter, 10 to 15 years old, attending a Catholic school, a valuable sharing experience with a foreign student his/her age and gender
  • Learn to respect other people by being more open and tolerant
  • Live Catholic values in your home
  • Share your culture by giving the opportunity to a student to live in your home
  • Enrich your family’s friendship and cultural bonds
  • Share what you and your family have and value
  • Expand your children’s awareness and openness to another language and culture
  • Experience a real travel opportunity to Latin America by sharing with a different family and culture

Guest students have

A basic English language knowledge

  • Undergone a selective screening process
  • Full medical and traveling insurance
  • Academic excellence
  • To pay flight, tuition and school lunches during their stay in the USA and Bring some spending money for extras
  • Complete parental and Bonding coordinator support
  • Attended preparatory meetings -
  • Agreed to comply with your family’s schedules, routines and rules
  • The will to participate in all school and families activities

Students involved improve language skills and develop new friendships, as they live in environments far from their homes. Voluntary family homes are carefully and personally chosen by program coordinators and community leaders.

Many prestigious private catholic schools, located in Louisiana, Wisconsin, and Pensilvania have been supportive to Bonding Catholic Program. Every catholic school open to the students involved is focused on leadership, values, discipline, and academic excellence.

Through Bonding, international students have the opportunity to relate with other cultures. They learn how to manage their own finances and be independent in a new environment.

They become young ambassadors of their families, schools and country.


  • Need to have a child same gender and similar age in their homes
  • Provide a home, food and accomodation for the exchange student and the opportunity to attend school with your son/daughter
  • Continue with your regular activities, is like an extra family member at your home
  • Don´t need to have a guest room for the exchange student

If you wish to participate in hosting an exchange student ,please feel free to fill out our Host Family Application form in the "Contact" tab.